Glenn Beck Explains Walking Off CNN: ‘I Couldn’t Take It Anymore’


On Sunday, radio host and CEO of The Blaze Glenn Beck took off his mic and stormed off the set of CNN’s Reliable Sources this Sunday after a question from Brian Stelter about layoffs at his company.

On Monday, as he promised in tweets that night, Beck addressed the situation on his radio program, saying that he just “couldn’t take it anymore.”

The “it” to which he referred was Stelter’s entire line of questions from the beginning of the interview, he says.

“I was asked to go on and talk about why the media just isn’t heard by the right,” he said. He explained that he was watching the show before he came on the air, and said “it was example after example after example of why nobody is listening to the media.”

He said that Stelter had the editor of Time on and everyone was “perfectly fine” with taking a photograph out of context on their cover. “The next time we want to take a picture of out of context, I’m sure you’re going to react exactly the same way,’ he said sarcastically.

He then brought up that George Takei had been on the show before him and brought up Japanese internment camps. “What I couldn’t get past was how CNN was just so willing to put that on the air, and no pushback, I mean gosh.”

Referring back to his own past statements, he told Stelter on Sunday “what’s next, FEMA camps?” Bringing that up, he said “you see, I was called a crazy man for even saying this kind of stuff will come, he said. “I was a conspiracy theorist.”

“But now that George Takei wants to declare that it has come and it is here, it’s all perfectly fine.”

He got very sarcastic, saying “I know that if I would have gotten on in 2014 and shown the pictures of the cages, I could have said ‘my gosh it looks like the Japanese internment camps,’ I’m sure Brian and everybody at CNN would have said ‘well he makes a good point.’ No. You want to know why people aren’t listening to you? Watch your own show. Try that.”

Then he explained his departure.

But I want you to know, the reason why I walked off the show yesterday had nothing to do with the question and everything to do with him proving me correct every step of the way and — my time is more valuable than that. I would have rather been having breakfast with my kids. It’s a waste of time. And I really thought Brian would be a guy who might, might actually be open to hearing it. But no. Even the Washington Post implied that he was ‘laying in wait for me’ with his, quoting the Post, ‘his sly smile.’ Now I don’t even believe that. But the Washington Post made it sound like he was ‘laying in wait.’ Wow. Okay. Look here’s the thing. My fight? The stuff that I fight with everyday? That’s business, that’s not a big deal. Nobody cares about that.

Beck concluded by saying the real battle is the one over whether we’re capable of self-rule, with fairness and consistency.

Glenn then went on to address the Sarah Huckabee Sanders incident at length, relating it back to the CNN interview. We will have that second half of the segment shortly.

Listen above, via the Glenn Beck Radio Program.

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