Glenn Beck Explains What’s Up With All Those Dead Birds And Fish

The theme of today’s Glenn Beck seemed to be about trust. Most importantly, the trust that he doesn’t have for the media. To demonstrate this, he found a perfect example in the week’s big media freak out story: all those dead birds and fish. That’s right, Glenn Beck has done what our news media can’t. He’s explained the dead animals!

Shockingly, he didn’t use Kirk Cameron. No, Beck used the magic of the Internet, namely Google. Using the search engine, he discovered that this kind of thing just happens. Fish die out all the time. Massive bird deaths happen about every other year. Nothing unusual. Nothing to fear. Just a fact of nature.

Not the exciting explanation you were hoping for? Sorry.

But Beck did make some good points about the media and trust. Why did all the news broadcasts make us think something was really going on with the birds? Why do newspapers seem to have contradictory reports about the economy on the same front page? Why can’t they just tell us what’s going on? Maybe Beck’s right. Maybe we can’t trust out newspapers and news shows. Maybe we need some other source. But what could it be? Where could it be?

I guess we’ll never know.

On a completely, totally, absolutely, unrelated note, have you guys seen those stories about Beck ramping up his online news empire? Isn’t that interesting?!

Check out the clip from Fox News below:

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