Glenn Beck Gives O’Reilly Advice On How To Sell The Debt Crisis To A Country In ‘Denial’

Towards the end of his show Monday night, Bill O’Reilly invited his old Fox News colleague Glenn Beck on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss the “fiscal chaos” in Washington. O’Reilly wanted Beck advice on “how to sell” the “theoretical” idea that the country is going “bankrupt” to people who “can’t see it.”

Beck immediately spotted the irony in O’Reilly’s question, laughing at the fact that he was asking him “how you tell people of a danger of something that’s in the future that you can’t really prove.”

O’Reilly argued that unlike Beck “saying that the Communists are going to take over the country,” you can “prove” the crisis by pointing to the $17 trillion debt.

Beck explained to O’Reilly that “everybody is in such denial” that there’s no way at this point to convince anyone of the debt crisis who isn’t already convinced.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to shift to O’Reilly’s blowup with Alan Colmes over President Obama’s spending. Beck praised O’Reilly profusely, in his own, coy, sarcastic way.

“What I saw you do to that poor man,” Beck said, “I was shocked. I saw this and I thought to myself now, that is a broadcaster who isn’t in control of his feelings.” He added, “I was a little disappointed in you.” Finally, he came clean, saying, “Some might say that I was in the other room cheering, but nobody that you can trust.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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