Glenn Beck Gushes About Lady Gaga’s Oscar Performance; She Thanks Him — World Explodes

Here’s a public positive interaction we thought we’d never see: Glenn Beck and Lady Gaga thanking each other.

It all started when Beck took to his Monday morning radio show to heap praise upon Gaga’s Sunday evening performance at the 87th Academy Awards, a stirring medley tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music.

“I’ve said this for a long time: This woman is an absolute artist,” Beck said of Gaga. “She is a genius. And, at first, everybody mocked her. Then she just became such a big pop star, but a lot of people, again, continued to mock her.”

He added that Gaga is “the way artists should be,” recalling how when he was a young radio disc jockey, someone told him that you can’t break the rules until you truly master a craft. “Lady Gaga proved last night she is a master craftswoman,” he said.

Lady Gaga somehow got wind of Beck’s gushing review, and tweeted her thanks in return:

Listen to Beck’s review, below via TheBlaze/Soundcloud:

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