Glenn Beck: Jon Stewart’s Sanity Message Was Basically The Same As Mine


Back in September when Jon Stewart first announced his Rally to Restore Sanity Glenn Beck did not, shall we say, welcome the plan. Actually he accused Stewart of trying to “activate” America’s youth. Eventually he appeared to calm down about the whole rally craze and has barely uttered a word about it since early last month. Until tonight.

Tonight Beck announced that after watching Stewart’s closing remarks (after he’d finished the “nonsense”…comedy is hard!) he’s concluded Stewart’s message was basically the same as his.

It’s basically the same message that I gave on 8/28 [sans the God part] but the theme was, whether you’re left or right, whether you’re connecting with him or me, we need to forget about the party partisanship, we need to come together as a nation, in truth.

Beck goes on to say he thinks parts of Stewart’s rally were co-opted by progressives (Tides, Soros, Arianna, etc.) but essentially he agrees with the basic message. Also that the media is a circus…which I must say is an ironic conclusion for either Beck or Stewart to come to. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting this is not the first time the two have seen eye-to-eye…ish. At a 92 Street Y interview last month Stewart told Terry Gross the two actually had a lot in common.

We actually share quite a bit in common in terms of, not point of view necessarily, but reason for being. We’re both in some ways an op-ed. We consider ourselves editorial cartoonists in some respect. Not him, but the show. Op-ed cartoonists, or the Messiah. We’re both different. I very much wanted to avoid the idea that [the march] would be a reaction to him. ‘Cause I don’t think that’d be fair to him and it’s not meant to ridicule activism or the Tea Party movement or religious people.

Not exactly kumbaya but easily the first step in a cross show guest appearance? Watch below.

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