Glenn Beck: “Keith Olbermann Is The Biggest Pain In The Ass In The World”

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck and his crew laughed at how Beck accurately predicted Keith Olbermann would eventually be fired from MSNBC if Comcast took over. They found it even funnier that reports were trying to suggest Comcast had nothing to do with the decision, when instead Beck claimed since Olbermann is so impossible to work with, clearly Comcast wanted nothing to do with him.

Although Beck didn’t want Olbermann fired, since he believes in “more speech, not less,” he couldn’t resist pointing out that a company might “handle mediocre ratings, [but only] if the guy’s not a total pain in the ass.” However, as Beck explicitly stated, all reports he’s seen suggested “Keith Olbermann is the biggest pain in the ass in the world.”

Also on the receiving end of some ridicule was Olbermann’s replacement Lawrence O’Donnell who Beck predicted “nobody is going to watch because he’s just boring – and I can get that from CNN.” Will Beck’s television forecast be right again, or might O’Donnell actually be a more formidable ratings force in the future?

Listen to the clip below from The Glenn Beck Program:

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