Glenn Beck, On A Lift, Shows America His Hockey Stick Graph

The list of things Glenn Beck wouldn’t do on his program to make a point clearer to his audience is ever-shrinking. Yesterday, Beck crossed “ride a stage lift high into the ceiling of his studio, to stick red tape to the highest point in the room” off that list, all in the name of the free market. It was the only way to accurately depict his “hockey stick graph” of global per capita GDP throughout history.

The “hockey stick graph” idea comes from Al Gore, whose graph of global warming over time, because of its relative consistency until late in history, looked like a hockey stick. Glenn Beck’s chart also looks like this, and chronicles global per capita GDP beginning at 500 BC. While remaining relatively stable for thousands of years, it begins to skyrocket in the 1800s– the Industrial Revolution, or “when America and the free market started falling in love.” The rise is so steep that Beck needs a lift to put the chart’s line in its proper place, which means there is great footage of Glenn Beck in motion (think Glenn Beck interviewing John Stossel on a scooter), floating into the sky on a mechanical lift and conducting his show, essentially, from the ceiling.

Video from yesterday’s program below:

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