Glenn Beck Is Concerned For Obama’s Safety On India Trip

The main uproar over President Barack Obama’s upcoming trip to India is how much it may or may not cost, but Glenn Beck (while also wondering some about the cost) has a different question: will the president be safe?

Beck didn’t elaborate much on the cost speculation (except to say we don’t really know what the figures are), but did voice concern that the president isn’t paying attention to advice from the Secret Service, and that he’s staying at a hotel (the Taj Mahal Palace) where some of the deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai two years ago took place. Especially worrisome to Beck, though, was whether or not the Secret Service was allowed to change the president’s itinerary and routes after the prospective trip was canceled previously.

Though Beck said he’s personally against the trip (he wondered why Obama couldn’t simply pick up the phone and accomplish much of what he plans to on the trip), the segment below doesn’t live up to the divisive reputation some have given him. No matter how hyper-partisan rhetoric on either side of the aisle gets, most people can still agree they don’t want to see anyone harmed personally.

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