Glenn Beck On Stewart/Colbert: “That’s Not News” And It Keeps People As “Sheep”


The past couple of days, Glenn Beck has been explaining to his audience how they can broach the subject of “what’s really going on” with friends and family members over Thanksgiving. A smart suggestion from today was to begin by asking if anyone’s noticed raising prices. A smarter suggestion from yesterday was to not begin by mentioning the name “Glenn Beck” (Beck is nothing if not self-aware). Today, audience members were complaining about talking to people who were “oblivious” and “just don’t get it” and “only get their news from popular shows” (as opposed to one of the highest rated shows on the number one cable news channel). This gave Beck a chance to take a few swipes at his rally rivals, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

“What better way to keep people sheep than making sure, and I’m part of this, making sure people get their news from a comedian? I mean, at least I’m giving it in context. I’m trying to make the news entertaining to bring people in, but Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, that’s not news. That’s a monologue. It’s jokes.”

Really, asides from the “sheep” talk, this is probably nothing Stewart or Colbert would argue with. The more interesting (bizarre?) attack came from Beck’s guest, Dr. Keith Ablow, who said that jokes and entertainment can be “a drug” and that they thusly lead to denial (which, I’m sure, then leads to anger and, eventually, the dark side).

Jokes are a drug? I always knew people who didn’t like The Daily Show liked to accuse its viewers of being nothing more than stoners, but I never thought they were implying that the show itself was an intoxicant. If that’s true, then I know a lot of people who have been wasting a lot of money.

Check out the clip from Fox News below:

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