Glenn Beck On The Underwear Bomber: “Ow! That Had To Hurt”

The always-entertaining, occasionally off-his-rocker Glenn Beck has, for some reason, been ignoring the largest cable news story of the post-holiday season — the attempted terrorist attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 and our national security — in favor of show after show about the economy. Perhaps he just knows his specialty and is reticent to stray, because last night on The O’Reilly Factor, Beck finally weighed in on the “Underwear Bomber” with only a visceral reaction.

“Ow! That had to hurt,” Beck said to Bill O’Reilly when the senior host asked about his first reaction to the Christmas Day attempted attack. “As a man, you’re just… ow.” Bill was stunned at the “physiological reaction,” wondering, “No Al Qaeda?”

“You’re a regular guy and I’m sure you’re not alone,” said O’Reilly, clearly a bit surprised that Beck didn’t have a more opinionated monologue on the matter. Finally, Beck straightens up to concur that terrorism may very well bring down the Obama administration. “The minute they start shooting people in malls… it’s over,” said Beck. “Let’s pray it doesn’t happen.”

Here’s the full clip:

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