Glenn Beck Pulls A Jon Stewart, Weaves Star Wars Analogy To Explain Radical Leftists’ Evil Plot


And here I thought the prequels had killed off the Star Wars franchise. I guess someone forgot to tell the cable TV hosts because we’ve been writing more Star Wars-related posts this week than the guys and gals over at Geekosystem. Just two days after Jon Stewart spent a few minutes explaining how Barack Obama’s presidency follows the path of Luke Skywalker, Glenn Beck took time out to explain how progressive radicals are like Darth Vader using the dark side of the force. Clearly Star Wars is the greatest political allegory of all time. Suck it, Animal Farm!

It all started with his describing Van Jones’ goal of getting people to “stop living a life of theory” and get into action as similar to the Force. You can either use that for good or use it for evil. Beck then explained how progressive radicals like Frances Fox Piven (whom he spent most of the episode going against) use it for evil by getting citizens to “feel the anger” like the evil Sith lords. It’s an odd analogy but at least it’s a better way to describe the Force than as a bunch of Midi-chlorians.

Now, I haven’t been an expert on anything Star Wars in many, many years (did you know the aliens in the Mos Eisley bar had names? I used to!), so I can’t say who made their comparison better, Stewart or Beck. I can say that definitely Beck won in one way and that would be in length. Stewart only gave one segment over to the Holy Trilogy (and that other trilogy). By the end of the show, Beck was still off-handedly comparing community organizers to Ewoks and quoting Yoda.

Clearly the Force is strong with this one.

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