Glenn Beck Recommends Who He Thinks Should Replace Him At 5PM Time Slot

Yesterday’s news that Glenn Beck was leaving his Fox News program sent shockwaves through the opinion media ranks. Reaction predictably fell along party lines, with those on the right lamenting Beck’s departure, and those on the left taking credit for his scalp. Beck’s message to the former was simple: we will find each other in the next iteration of the Glenn Beck Experience™, and his message to his detractors? You are going to pray for the days of when he was only on at 5PM. (Sturm and drang!)

Interesting that Beck chose Freedom Watch, the Fox Business show his friend Judge Andrew Napolitano to give his first interview on his somewhat sudden announcement yesterday. Beck repeated the narrative that he’d been considering leaving Fox News for sometime and had been leaving clues in his rhetoric for the past year (which while true, not a lot of people took terribly seriously.) Again, Beck’s future media plans appears to be bigger than just a 5PM show and syndicated radio programs, and we are only left to wait and see what Beck has up his sleeve.

As for who should take the spot at 5PM? Well Mr. Beck reveals in the following clip who he things should take the spot. Its not yet clear that Mr. Ailes will heed Beck’s advice on this (or any other issue for that matter.)

Watch the clip, courtesy of Fox Business below:

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