Glenn Beck: ‘We Are on the Eve of Destruction,’ U.S. ‘About to Be Reborn’

Glenn Beck has a flair for the dramatic, and on Friday he displayed it once again with a bold prediction about the impending fate of the United States. Beck argued that far from the nation being “over,” “the progressive utopian collective Socialist States of America is going to be destroyed.”

Beck declared this to be the time when “honest liberals” who “truly believe in man’s freedom” should start speaking out, saying the present day has been a great time for people who value their liberty and realize it’s been methodically stripped away from them for years. He said, “We were slaves to the state, and we didn’t even know it.”

But now, Beck believes the U.S. is about to undergo a rebirth by, paramountly, ridding the country of progressive ideas.

“Don’t you ever, ever, ever say things that are not true, like ‘the United States of America is over.’ Because the United States of America is about to be reborn. It was over at least 110 years ago. We’re on the verge of finding it again.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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