Glenn Beck’s Apology Is Not Good Enough For Keith Olbermann

Glenn Beck made some questionable jokes about Malia Obama yesterday morning– namely, about President Barack Obama saying that she had been asking him if he had plugged “the hole” in the Gulf of Mexico yet, and fairly quickly caught himself and apologized. Most of the headlines were that Glenn Beck apologized for saying something controversial. For Keith Olbermann, the newsworthy point was that, Olbermann claims, Beck repeated his mistakes in the apology.

It didn’t take much thinking to come to the conclusion that Beck’s Malia comments would net him Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” title yesterday, but the apology, where Beck admits he “should’ve know better,” raised a question of whether maybe he’d get that redemption he is always preaching about. He didn’t because, according to Olbermann, he brings Malia back into the national spotlight through the apology:

“Wait a minute! He did it again! He did the very thing he was apologizing for in the apology! … In apologizing for breaking his own ‘rule’ about leaving kids out of political debates, he put the president’s kids back into political debates. This guy is so feral that even in his brief moment of semi-sanity, he’s still completely nuts.”

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