Glenn Beck’s Explanation for Why He’s ‘Against War’ Might Surprise You

Glenn Beck opened his show on TheBlaze TV last night by giving viewers a behind the scenes look at the 7am morning meeting he holds in semi-darkness with network’s staff. The host held forth before his young workers, explaining how he arrived at his recent decision to be “against war,” whether in Syria or elsewhere around the world.

Beck began why rhetorically asking if President Obama has gotten “any of it right” on the Syria situation. “The answer is no,” he said. He went on to admit that he hasn’t gotten it completely “right” either.

“Here’s where I really got it wrong,” Beck said, as his employees tapped away at their computers. “I was supporting this kind of, ‘Yeah, well the Patriot Act isn’t so bad. Well, you know, they are bad dictators.’ And ‘Freedom’s on the March’ kind of crap. That was progressive thinking.”

He said it wasn’t until he heard Hillary Clinton describe herself as an “early 20th century American progressive” that he hit his “pivot point” on military intervention abroad.

“That’s why I’m against war,” Beck concluded. “Because it’s a progressive idea.” If that’s true then the Bush Administration were the biggest bunch of progressives America has ever seen.

Watch video below, via TheBlaze:

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