Glenn Beck’s War On Soccer: ‘It’s Worse Than Curling’

Even with the United States’ unexpectedly good performance so far, Glenn Beck refuses to catch World Cup fever. On his O’Reilly Factor segment last night, he went off on the sport, complaining that the rest of the world is “shov[ing] this crap down our throats” and that “it stinks on ice.” And yes, that picture is Beck honking an imaginary vuvuzela.

“I’m an American!” he yelled at Bill O’Reilly, who seemed to be perfectly ok with the sport and admitted he was rooting for Cote d’Ivoire. We don’t try to shove football down your throat, he continued, so “don’t try to shove this crap down our throat.” O’Reilly wasn’t quite convinced that Beck’s distaste for soccer was justified, calling it a healthy sport and suggesting maybe Beck should play some soccer himself, or that the only thing he could imagine that would make soccer so evil to Beck was that “it was Woodrow Wilson‘s favorite sport.” At some point, having lost his patience with Beck, O’Reilly just declares him a “pinhead,” at which Beck responds, “talk to the hand.”

Before the point where Beck and O’Reilly just start shouting at each other about their opinion of soccer, there’s an interesting preview of Beck’s appearance on “libertarian loon thing” Freedom Watch on the Fox Business Network today, where he admits he is “more Ron Paul than Sarah Palin.”

Video below:

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