Glenn Greenwald Calls Out ‘Disinformation’ From Fox News… While on Fox News

The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald spoke bluntly about the systemic flaws of the mainstream media and was critical of Fox News… while appearing on Fox News.

On Monday night, Laura Ingraham invited Greenwald on to discuss his column blasting CNN for its botched reporting and their lack of handling its inaccurate report. He pointed out the “disturbing” long line of Trump/Russia stories that all feed the narrative that collusion took place but that they “completely fall apart.” Greenwald also slammed CBS and MSNBC, both who had independently “confirmed” the false report by multiple sources. But then he also invoked Fox News’ journalistic wrongdoings.

“If it wasn’t deliberate, they have the obligation to say how it happened. Instead, what they did was that they brought a CNN employee Carl Bernstein, and David Frum, who spent two days defending CNN, on to pretend they were willing to talk about it. They didn’t bring me on,” Greenwald said.

He then (sort of) went off about Fox News:

“When I write about Fox News and all of its many flaws and many mistakes and many of its humiliations which have taken place a lot this year and the last year, CNN immediately invites me on and Fox doesn’t. And that’s the reverse that happens when I write about CNN. Fox loves to have me on and CNN doesn’t. And I really think that is the issue. I don’t want it to be implied that this is a problem unique to CNN and MSNBC. Fox has had their share of incredibly embarrassing mistakes also always in the direction of its own political agenda. And the problem is is that media outlets are balkanized. They talk only to their audiences and they don’t have any transparency or accountability duties and that I think is what is ruining journalism.”

Ingraham set the record straight, saying if she said something wrong that Greenwald is “more than welcome” to come on her show to correct her and that she wasn’t “exactly sure” what specifically he was referring to. But when she attempted to pivot the conversation, Greenwald went back to criticizing the media, including Fox News.

“Virtually 100% of the mistakes that outlets like CNN and The Washington Post and MSNBC make are designed to undermine and subvert Donald Trump and bolster the Russia/Trump story. Just like all of Fox’s mistakes are in the opposite direction,” Greenwald elaborated.

He clarified that he wasn’t specifically talking about her show, but made subtle jabs at Trump’s two favorite shows: Fox & Friends and Hannity.

“I don’t mean your show, which is only a couple months old,” Greenwald said. “I mean the two that Donald Trump loves to watch most, which is the morning show full of disinformation and the evening show that precedes yours.”

Ingraham took issue with his term “disinformation.”

“That’s the problem in journalism,” he went on. “These mistakes stop looking like mistakes when they always go in the same direction and are always bolstering the same political agenda. And I think you’re seeing that around most media outlets and not just the ones that we’re discussing.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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