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Glenn Greenwald: GOP Rep. Mike Rogers ‘Notorious’ for ‘Literally Making Things Up’

On the eve of his new website First Look’s big launch, Glenn Greenwald visited CNN’s Reliable Sources via satellite from Brazil to shed some light on the further NSA revelations that are set to come out. The reporter also reacted to recent accusations from House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI), who called him a “thief” “selling stolen material.”

After watching a clip of Rogers making his remarks, Greenwald listed off the “extraordinary aspects” to a member of the U.S. Congress suggesting that journalists are “engaged in criminal conduct” like selling classified documents. “First is that he’s not only lying, and he is lying, but he not only is lying but he knows that he’s lying,” Greenwald said. “This what is Mike Rogers is notorious for in Washington is literally making things up and smearing political opponents and journalists he doesn’t like.”

“I defy Mike Rogers, if he wants to make that accusation, to come forward and present actual evidence that any journalist has stolen, has sold documents or stolen material or engaged in any kind of criminality,” Greenwald continued. “He has no evidence, he’s just making things up.”

The second “extraordinary aspect” of Rogers’ statements, according to Greenwald is that “what he’s talking about, that process has always in the United States been called journalism. You go to media outlets and you report what the public should know. What this is, is nothing less than an attempt to criminalize journalism like all petty tyrant tries to do when reporters and other journalists expose that which they want to hide. I don’t think anybody should mistake what this is really about.”

Watch video below, via CNN:

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