Glenn Greenwald on Fox News: Trump ‘Broke the Brains of a Lot of People’ in Media

The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald––who has been highly critical of the Russia media coverage for a while now––went on a tear tonight with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson following the release of the Mueller report.

Greenwald said media outlets “constantly fed each other these conspiracy theories and told each they are they were on the right track” and said other networks are “in such a bubble where they have no idea what’s going on in the world.”

Carlson asked how the “discredited and broken” American media can be fixed.

Greenwald said there should be self-reflection and introspection:

“If you listen to the media discourse, outside of a few circles, they’ve just put collusion and conspiracy and all of those conspiracy theories they’ve spent the last three years endorsing––flushed it down the toilet like they don’t exist and just seamlessly shifted to obstruction. And then they’re conflating them to claim that they were right all along. And that is really the alarming thing. I think that in a lot of ways Donald Trump broke the brains of a lot of people, particularly people in the media who believe that telling lies, inventing conspiracy theories, being journalistically reckless, it’s all justified to stop this unparalleled menace. And that’s a good thing for activist to think and a really bad thing for a journalist to think.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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