GMA Tackles Evidence In Anthony Trial: Why No Fingerprints On Caylee Anthony’s Body?

Mediaite founderand ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams joined Nancy Grace to discuss forensic evidence in the ongoing case against Casey Anthony, including the presence of a heart-shaped sticker.

But first: Why were there no fingerprints on duct tape found at the scene? Grace reminded viewers rather bluntly that, due to 2008’s Tropical Storm Fay, little Caylee Anthony‘s body was left to lie in over a foot of water for some time, clearing away any fingerprints that may have been left on the tape wrapping her body. Abrams added that certain oils in one’s skin and other factors must be in play in order for a fingerprint to be left in the first place.

In his view, he says, the prosecution has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that there was a dead body in Anthony’s car – which, he noted, poses a huge problem for the defense.

Watch the analysis for yourself, courtesy of ABC’s Good Morning America:

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