GMA’s Stephanopoulos Presses Yahoo, Tumblr CEOs On Past Failures, Obstacles Facing ‘Perfect’ Partnership

The big news story in the tech world this week was Yahoo’s announcing the purchase of blogging/social media site Tumblr for $1.1 billion. CEOs Marissa Mayer and David Karp, of Yahoo and Tumblr respectively, appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday to explain how they plan to join forces while also allowing Tumblr to maintain its identity.

“Hipster high-school dropout” Karp (a characterization he didn’t appear fond of) will remain Tumblr’s CEO, but George Stephanopoulos questioned how the Yahoo will avoid some of its past failures when other acquisitions didn’t quite pan out. Mayer asserted that Tumblr’s user community makes the site unique — and that community understands the site will remain independent, with the same vision it’s always had.

Indeed, Karp has promised they won’t “turn purple.” But Yahoo, being “the original media company,” is “the perfect partner.” It did cause Stephanopoulos to question how Yahoo would handle certain aspects of the site, specifically pointing to the portion of adult content — but Mayer argued that’s “a mistaken assumption,” and that content makes up a smaller portion than many of its peer sites. Both she and Karp remained confident that they site would ensure those who did not want to access it would not stumble upon it accidentally.

And yes, Stephanopoulos concluding by apologizing for calling Karp a “hipster.”

Watch below, via ABC:

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