‘Go with Nature’: Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow Proposes Hormone Injections to Treat Transgenderism


With trans rights back in the news in a big way this week, Fox & Friends this morning naturally brought on Dr. Keith Ablow––who has previously said he’s not convinced transgenderism is real and said it’s basically the same thing as Rachel Dolezal calling herself black.

And this morning, Ablow lamented, We’re talking about whether closely held opinion of an individual will be allowed to overcome scientific data and history… We allow people culturally to dictate terms in our culture, then we also by extension may be in a position where we allow people to say that they’re 65 when they’re 45 and get Medicare.”

Yes, he made the argument that gender identity and choosing what age you are is basically the same thing.

He lamented how PC society’s becoming these days before saying this:

“There’s not a lot of scientific evidence that it’s better to approach transgender youth with the opposite hormone because we inject them with massive doses of testosterone if they’re female to say, ‘Look we’ll make you more comfortable with your chosen gender.’ You know, we don’t even explore, should it be more estrogen? Should we go with nature and say maybe we’ll make you more female, you’ll feel more comfortable? There aren’t these explorations. We don’t treat with psychiatric medicines by and large to say maybe this is a bit of a fixed and false belief.”

The slippery slope here, Ablow warned, is that if the United States institutes a draft, young people will immediately assert that they identify “more like 12-year-olds” and are “much too immature to be drafted.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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