‘God, Save Our Flight’: Passengers Pray As Flight With Engine Fire Makes Emergency Landing

Passengers aboard a Cathay Pacific jet with a burning engine prayed together as the crew made an emergency landing early Monday morning. All 136 passengers and the flight’s crew survived the ordeal, but there were terrifying moments in the air, as NBC’s Mike Taibbi reported on TODAY Monday. “The flight took off at 1:12 a.m . bound for Jakarta, Indonesia but passengers heard the bangs, saw the lights go out and smelled smoke. Some passengers could see that one of the four engines was on fire. The crew of the airbus said they shut down the engine when they got a stall warning. With the plane shaking violently, the passengers were told they were headed back to Singapore. Many passengers started saying, ‘God save our flight, give us your protection,’ the prayers getting louder as they made it back to the airport.”

A Reuters photographer who was onboard the flight caught images of the terrified passengers as they put on life jackets in preparation for the emergency landing back in Singapore, and afterwards, as the shaken travelers emerged from the plane.

It’s not yet known what caused the engine on the aircraft to catch fire. Here’s the latest, from NBC News:

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