Gold Coin CEO Gushes To Eric Bolling ‘Fox Reporting On Occupy Wall Street Has Been Incredible!’


This afternoon on Your World, fill-in host Eric Bolling spoke with Craig R. Smith, CEO of Swiss America, a gold coin firm, who raved about Fox News’ coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests. “The Fox reporting on this has been incredible,” Smith enthused. “When you interviewed people down there, they cannot tell you why they are there, they can’t tell you what they want but they know they want to rage against the system and ‘the man’!”

Earlier in the segment, Bolling asked Smith about President Obama‘s speech, in which he said the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were “giving voice to a more broad based frustration about how our financial system works.” The gold coin executive, who was not lighting cigars with a 100 dollar bill, said Obama’s speech was filled with “distortions, false promises and false choices” and chided the protestors for unfairly targeting the much-maligned fat cats on Wall Street. “They shouldn’t be mad at Wall Street, Wall Street creates jobs. It’s the president they should be mad at, he’s done everything he can to stunt job growth.”

Bolling then asked Smith what he thought when Occupy Wall Street protesters were trying to “do everything they could to crush capitalism?”

“I think it’s just a hangover from the 60’s. The people that did this in the 60’s are now selling the jobs on Wall Street making half a million a year so I find it kind of comical,” Smith chortled. Smith then applauded Fox News for their outstanding coverage showing how clueless the demonstrators were.

In this segment, Fox News can be proud to say they’re finally letting Wall Street tell their side of the story. The only thing missing from this clip is Bolling and Smith top hats, monocles and toasting champagne glasses.

Watch the interview below via Fox News:

(Update: Smith is no longer a columnist at WorldNetDaily, he left in August.)

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