Golden Globes Gives Out Flu Shots: ‘If You’re an Anti-Vaxxer, Just Put a Napkin Over Your Head!’


The Golden Globes co-hosts threw a bizarre twist into the mix of Sunday night’s show: sending out actors with massive syringes to administer flu shots to the audience.

“Normally at this point of the show, the host would do something fun and spontaneous to show how we are all just ordinary people, like ordering pizza for everyone,” host Andy Samberg said around halfway through the awards ceremony.

“But since we already get food at the globes we thought we would mix it up and try something new,” co-host Sandra Oh continued. “So roll up your sleeves, Hollywood, because you are all getting flu shots! You know you wore a sleeveless gown for a reason!”

A crew of actors dressed as doctors and wielding syringes marched into the crowd as Samberg and Oh chanted “Shots!”

One of our doctors accosted Willem Dafoe, who smiled awkwardly.

“And look, if you’re an anti-vaxxer, just put a napkin over your head and we’ll skip you!” Samberg joked.

Watch above, via NBC.

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