Good News: Recovered Coronavirus Patient Donates His Plasma to Help Others With Virus


With the deluge of headlines blaring the latest crisis sparked by the spread of the coronavirus, Mediaite has decided to dedicate at least one story per day to good news coming in from around the world.

A California man who recovered from the coronavirus has donated his plasma to potentially help others who are battling the virus.

Recovered patient Jason Garcia appeared on Fox News and told America’s Newsroom host Ed Henry that “It felt great to have the opportunity to donate.”

“Just the fact that something so simple can help a lot of families and a lot of people that are suffering right now, it’s a great feeling,” he added after noting his plasma will go out to three coronavirus patients.

“We were able to extract plasma using apheresis machine and then store that and then give it to another patient so that they receive the antibodies that will help them fight this disease,” one of Garcia’s nurses explained.

Garcia, who is married to an active military member and has an eleven-month-old daughter, was initially shocked regarding his diagnosis.

“It surprised us,” he told Henry. “The chances at the time were just very low and I wasn’t traveling to any hotspots. So, it was a shock to us.”

“But I got over it quickly, it wasn’t too bad… The isolation was the hardest part. Especially with my 11-month-old. She kind of wanted to crawl and come see Daddy. They had to pull her away from the door. So, that was the hardest part,” he added.

“You’re back, and you’re helping others, and that’s really terrific,” said a grateful Henry.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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