GOP Candidate Confronted About Past Support of ‘Birther Bill’

Remember when birtherism was all the rage? Well, that bit of fringe nuttiness has emerged in Arizona, where Republican secretary of state candidate Michele Reagan was confronted in a TV interview about her past support of a “birther bill” requiring presidents to prove their citizenship.

Reagan, an Arizona state senator, supported that legislation back in 2011, when she was one of 20 members of the state senate who voted for it. Governor Jan Brewer ended up vetoing it, but yesterday on KPNX, Brahm Resnik confronted Reagan over the vote. He asked her if she thinks all the 2016 candidates should have to prove their citizenship to her.

Reagan repeatedly said that state law is sufficient as Resnik kept putting her on the spot over whether she believes President Obama needed to produce his birth certificate and whether she regrets voting for legislation that “did cause embarrassment for our state.”

Watch the video below (skip to the four-minute mark for the birtherism talk), via KPNX (autoplay warning):

[h/t TPM]
[image via screengrab]

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