GOP Congressman Injured During Mass Shooting: ‘We Must Play This Baseball Game Tomorrow’


Rep. Roger Williams, a Republican congressman who witnessed the mass shooting in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday, underlined the need to continue with the annual congressional baseball game scheduled for Thursday.

“America doesn’t give out; America doesn’t give in,” Williams said on Wednesday. “And we must play this baseball game. If we don’t play this baseball game and we go home, then they win. So that’s the reason. This is America, the greatest country in the world. If you punch us, we will punch back. And we’re going to play baseball tomorrow.”

The Texas representative made the remarks at a press conference, and entered the briefing room on crutches, as he injured his ankle trying to get to cover during the shooting.

Moments earlier, a reporter asked the politician if the Republican congressional team was going to hold one more practice before the game. Rep. Williams replied, “Well, some of us are on the injured reserve last right now. I think we were supposed to have breakfast tomorrow. That’s been cancelled…[We’ll] get there early tomorrow night, and maybe have a prayer service or something. And then, play baseball.”

The Texas congressman added, “We’re going to play. We need to play. This is a game that’s been going on for over a hundred years. It goes to charity. And we need to play this baseball game. And so, I’m excited that we decided to do that.”

You can watch Rep. Williams’ remarks above, via Fox News.

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