GOP Congressman on Shutdown Talks: ‘It’s Like a Bad Episode of General Hospital


Speaking with CNN’s S.E. Cupp on Saturday, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger compared the shutdown negotiations in Washington to a bad episode of a soap opera.

“Is there any way you think this thing gets hashed out in the next few days, or are we in it for a long stay, as the president says?” Cupp asked the representative from Illinois.

“You know, I don’t know. It’s like a bad episode of General Hospital where, you know, the plot’s the same over and over, but we just can’t look away and we do it all over and over again,” he continued on.

He then said that he thinks Trump should get money for the wall but he’ll probably get less than the $5 billion he wants.

“I think the president deserves the money for the wall, honestly. Like, he ran on this,” he said before conceding that he doesn’t think the shutdown will end anytime in the very near future.

Cupp then asked Kinzinger if he thought Trump was “outplayed, outmaneuvered by Democrats.”

The Congressman replied, “Not necessarily.”

Then, he said this: “I mean, you know, when you have an inflexible Democratic Party that says we’re just simply not going to do anything that’s called wall, and on our side, we’re like, we want to do something called wall, it’s what the president ran on, it’s kind of — I don’t know if there’s blame everywhere, but that’s a really bad part of how this negotiates. And so, the president for two years has signed spending bills that didn’t have a lot of wall money in it, and it really kind of came to a head now.”

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