GOP Congressman Openly Admits Voter ID Law Will Help Republicans Win Wisconsin

In what has become something of an intermittent habit with Republican elected officials, a congressman from Wisconsin told a reporter that Wisconsin’s new voter ID law will help Republicans win the state in November’s general election. On Tuesday night, Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) was being interviewed by local Milwaukee reporter Charles Benson when he just up and volunteered that the state’s photo ID requirement will be a help to Republicans in the upcoming election:

Well, I think Hillary Clinton is about the weakest candidate the Democrats have ever put up, and now we have photo ID, and I think that photo ID is going to make a little bit of a difference as well.

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) recently defended the law against criticism from Bernie Sanders by asserting that it actually makes it easier for Wisconsinites to vote, despite copious evidence to the contrary.

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