GOP Congressman Slams Democrats Over Fiscal Cliff Negotiations: They’re ‘Like Bank Robbers’

Republican Congressman Raúl Labrador(R-ID) told fellow panelists on ABC’s This Week Sunday that “Democrats are like bank robbers.” The money to raise revenue won’t come from the top two percent, he said, but will come from “the 100 percent.”

Labrador agreed with fellow Republican Charles Krauthammer that President Obama‘s plan was to create an “internal civil war” among the GOP. “This has been what the Democrats wanted to do from day one,” he said. “They have tried to divide the Republicans.”

According to Labrador, Democrats have tried to pit Republicans against each other regarding taxes when they may have wanted to go over the fiscal cliff all along. Labrador says, “What they need is actually more revenue, they want to expand the growth of government.”

Substitute host Jonathan Karl noted that it seemed Labrador was unwilling to compromise at all. He disagreed, saying, “I’m willing to compromise if we have real cuts.” Labrador didn’t express optimism on that front, however, saying,

“What happens in Washington is that we talk about raising taxes today, then we talk about cuts ten years from now. It happened under Reagan, it happened under Bush and it’s what’s going to happen to us once again.”

Watch the full clip below, via ABC:

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