GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy Snaps in Tense Presser: ‘Unfair’ to Hold Trump Accountable for ‘Send Her Back’ Chant


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) got snippy with reporters for asking him questions about the “send her back” chants at President Donald Trump’s rally.

The outrage over Trump’s racist slams on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her progressive colleagues got a second wind Wednesday night when his attacks on her led to the chants among his supporters, which the president neither rebuked nor tried to stop. When McCarthy was confronted about all of this during his press conference from Capitol Hill, he defended Trump by saying he “clarified inside his tweet” (he didn’t), and that “the president didn’t join in any chant like that.”

McCarthy insisted that the firestorm is entirely about Trump’s disagreements with socialism, and that the questions about how the chants pertain to him are “out of base.” Nonetheless, he kept being pressed on how Trump let the chants go on and “does the president have a responsibility to cut this out?”

Here’s how McCarthy answered:

“They said it was a small group off the to the side, the president did not join in, he moved on. He moved on about a speech about a country and the things that are building and right. That’s what the president did. Has it become so far that you want to dislike the president so much you’re going to accuse him of trying to do something he did not do? From the places that he moved on in the speech, he never joined in it. And you want to try to hold him accountable for something in what a big audience did? Are you going to hold him accountable, too, for any protesters or someone else? That’s an unfair position…What he did in his responsibility was right. He moved on to make them stop in the process.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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