GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Forecasts Disaster for GOP in Georgia, Election Fight: Next 48 Hours Will Be Among the ‘Worst Ever’ for Republicans


The day of the Georgia Senate runoffs has finally arrived, and Republican pollster Frank Luntz bluntly said on Tuesday morning that he thinks Democrats have the advantage.

Luntz said on CNBC Democrats are clearly “more energized” and one problem the Republicans have is that President Donald Trump spent so much time on his own baseless election claims at a rally Monday ostensibly to get out the vote for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

“All this does is depress Republican turnout,” Luntz said, as he claimed he’s seen billboards telling Republicans not to vote for Perdue or Loeffler because “they haven’t done enough for Donald Trump.”

“I’ve looked at the early votes, I’ve looked at the absentee votes. I think the Democrats have an advantage,” he added, predicting we will know the results by Wednesday morning.

Luntz also warned that “there’s a greater divide in the Republican party than there is in the Democratic party”:

“The party’s in the process of tearing itself apart… Democrats are unified, Republicans are not, and that’s what gives them the advantage, and in Washington, I think the next 48 hours are going to be among the worst for the GOP.”

You can watch above, via CNBC.

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