GOP Pollster on Fox Calls Out Rand Paul, Mike Lee for 9/11 Bill: Why Not Vote Against ‘Puppies and Apple Pie’ Next?


GOP pollster Lee Carter told Neil Cavuto on Fox News Tuesday that Rand Paul and Mike Lee’s votes against reauthorizing the 9/11 victims compensation fund were “devastating.”

Paul and Lee took issue with the legislation on spending grounds. They were publicly called out by first responder John Feal and Jon Stewart last week. Both senators offered amendments today that were rejected before the legislation overwhelmingly passed the Senate.

Carter said, “This is something we should all agree on. I understand ideology, I understand saying we have to be able to afford the things we’re putting out there, but this isn’t the sword to die on. And this now gives Democrats a way to say, ‘Look, another reason why Republicans are heartless.'”

“If we can’t run in and help them here when they ran in to literally save our lives on 9/11, then we’ve got big problems,” she added.

Paul spoke to Cavuto recently and defended his spending concerns in addition to lashing out at Stewart. Cavuto brought it up today and said clearly those spending concerns “fell on deaf ears.”

Carter said now Paul and Lee “will be known as something, maybe it’s responsible, maybe it’s heartless, but they’ll be known as something rather than just one of a pack.”

Cavuto said Republicans clearly didn’t want to be opposed to something that “just tugged at the nation’s heart strings,” especially considering the bravery shown by those first responders.

“No, I mean, do you want to be the people that are known for that, to say we’re voting against that?” Carter asked. “I was making jokes earlier … what are they going to be voting against? Motherhood, puppies, and apple pie next? It’s just not the thing that they should be doing.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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