GOP Rep. Blasts Dem Colleague Who Shouted at Him: Unserious ‘Antics’ Were ‘For the Camera’

Appearing Wednesday afternoon on Fox News, Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR) spoke briefly about the Tuesday incident in which Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) stood up to shout at him during a House hearing on Obamacare. According to Griffin, no one considered the Jersey Democrat’s actions to be serious.

Pascrell interrupted Griffin’s allotted time Tuesday morning to berate him for suggesting that Republicans had posited an alternative to Obamacare over the dozens of votes on the healthcare law. The exchange became especially intense when the Democratic congressman arose from his seat to scold his Republican colleague.

“What happened after that?” Fox host Jenna Lee asked Griffin today. “Did you have a chit-chat after that?”

“No,” he replied. “I don’t think anyone on the committee really considered those antics to be serious. I think that was more for the camera and apparently it worked.” He then rebuked his colleague for making a “false” suggestion that it is “either Obamacare as it is being implemented or nothing at all.”

Watch the interview below, via Fox:

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