GOP Rep. Brady: I Don’t Care if Dems Call the Wall a ‘Gender-Neutral Palisade’


Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) told Fox News today that he doesn’t care if Democrats call President Donald Trump’s wall a “gender-neutral palisade,” as long as they can agree to additional funding for border security.

“I think it’s a mistake to go for a quick, hasty deal when really there’s so much at stake here,” Brady said during an interview on the continuation of the government shutdown over Trump’s proposed wall.

“I am from the Houston region, and we are unfortunately a hotbed for sex trafficking, for drugs, for those gangs from Central America,” he continued. “We pay the price when that border isn’t secure. Everyone knows it. We need more resources.”

The lawmaker then mocked Democrats over their issue with calling Trump’s barrier a “wall,” as many on the left have criticized the president’s “build the wall” campaign messaging as a symbol of hate and bigotry, increasing their opposition to the administration’s border defense ideas.

“I know the Democrats are hung up on calling it a wall, but I don’t care if they call it a gender-neutral palisade or a linear monument to climate change,” Brady said. “The truth — we need more resources for border security.”

Fox News host Harris Faulkner responded to the congressman’s joke with a simple “wow.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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