GOP Rep. Calls For Mueller’s Firing: If He Were More Biased, He’d Have ‘Credentials For The Mainstream Media’


On Wednesday night, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had some tough words for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his ongoing investigation.

While he praised the work of a “great deal of folks” at the FBI and DOJ, but in the “swamp of Washington D.C.” the “biggest alligator” is a politicized FBI and DOJ. And when pressed by Ed Henry if he agrees with his colleague Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) that there should be a “purge” within the FBI, Gaetz insisted that the purge is “happening” with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe announcing his retirement and the numerous staffing changes amid the Mueller probe.

Gaetz then expressed his frustration that the “real crimes” allegedly committed by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration aren’t being investigated.

“I mean, if Bob Mueller were any more biased, we’d have to give him press credentials for the mainstream media,” Gaetz said.

Henry then asked if he was calling on Mueller to be fired, the congressman said, “Yeah, absolutely.”

“I’ve been calling on Mueller to be fired for months now,” he continued.

Gaetz did clarify Attorney General Jeff Sessions should fire Mueller (despite having already recused himself from the Russia investigation) instead of President Trump because he argued that Sessions was acting as a “spectator” instead of the leader of the DOJ and that there was no “legal requirement” for Sessions to have recused himself.

“He needs to step up, be the Attorney General, fire Mueller, and hire a second special counsel to evaluate the Clinton Foundation,” Gaetz added.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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