GOP Rep. Charlie Dent Unloads on Trump Over ‘Deplorable’ Tillerson Firing: There’s ‘Chaos And Anarchy’


Rep. Charlie Dent was asked on CNN’s New Day by host Alisyn Camerota whether President Donald Trump’s stunning ouster of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday caused him concern — and the Republican congressman didn’t hold back.

“Rex Tillerson is a good man,” Dent said. “He was dealt a very bad hand. He didn’t play it particularly well. He he was never set up for success. He walks into the office and he gets a 30% proposed cut to his budget, he can’t hire anybody, he gets undercut by the president on diplomatic issues like North Korea. So he was always in a tough spot.”

Dent went on to warn that the State Department is dangerously understaffed:

“The State Department right now we don’t have enough qualified people there because many of the top Republican foreign policy officials and national security establishment types are disqualified from serving because of comments they made about candidate Trump,” Dent charged.

“I’m concerned,” he continued. “I didn’t like the way Rex Tillerson was fired. I thought that was very deplorable and unfortunate the way it happened. So there is a lot of chaos and anarchy. And this is just more of it, this type of in stability and uncertainty is really not helpful for America, or the administration.”

Watch above, via CNN.

Correction: A previous version of this post referred to Charlie Dent as a senator, not a congressman. We regret the error.

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