GOP Rep: DADT Repeal Unnecessary, Just Don’t Let Your “Gayness” Interfere With Mission

Earlier today President Obama celebrated signing into law the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the policy that only allowed gays to serve in the military if they kept their sexuality a secret. While some conservatives think the repeal means the country is “not taking the military seriously,” while other leaders are confident the military can adapt and are just happy to move on from the issue, at least one Congressman, Missouri’s Todd Akin, is still confused about what the original problem was and why social statements have taken priority over national defense.

Rep. Akin, a veteran and father of three Marines, clues us in about his confusion on the issue with very inarticulate language:

There is a misunderstanding. If people are gay, they can serve in the military now. It’s just that they can’t allow their ‘gayness’ to get in the way of getting the mission done.

It’s unclear what Akin would consider as impermissible “gayness,” but his lack of sophistication in speaking on the issue should be enough to embarrass him from wanting to discuss it again. Moving forward, he suggests the Republican- controlled House will not attempt to repeal the repeal, and hopefully that means everyone will finally be able to stop talking about it.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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