GOP Rep. Defends Trump on Ukraine: He Has ‘The Blunt Talk of a Manhattan Businessman,’ Not ‘The Delicate Language of Diplomacy’


Congressman Tom McClintock (R- CA) defended President Donald Trump on Ukraine by saying he’s a blunt-talking New York businessman who doesn’t speak “the delicate language of diplomacy.”

Martha Raddatz — filling in for George Stephanopoulos — asked McClintock about reporting that POTUS was briefed in August about the whistleblower complaint before he ultimately released the military aid to Ukraine.

“The implication is that this is an admission of guilt because the president found out about the whistleblower complaint and then immediately released that aid. That’s not what happened. Several weeks went by before that aid was released,” McClintock responded.

Raddatz asked if Trump may have been “covering his tracks” in that call with Gordon Sondland where he reportedly said he wanted no quid pro quo.

McClintock responded, “Among all of the testimony of the hand-picked witnesses that the Democrats have heard for two weeks in public hearings, not one, not one was told that there was a quid pro quo. The only conclusions that they came to where supposition and impressions they got reading the New York Times.”

He defended Trump and said the president conducts U.S. foreign policy. Raddatz asked if there’s anything that bothers him about Trump’s actions with respect to Ukraine, and he said this in response:

“Well, he didn’t use the delicate language of diplomacy in that conversation. That’s true. He also doesn’t use the smarmy talk of politicians. What you hear from Donald J. Trump is the blunt talk of a Manhattan businessman. He says what he means, he means what he says. That’s the only thing that’s remarkable about that conversation. But he was entirely within his constitutional authority and was following the statute that Congress adopted in granting aid to the Ukraine.”

You can watch above, via ABC.

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