GOP Rep. Lone Wolf Hedges on Support for Trump Impeachment: ‘Let’s See What the Committees Find Out…’


Rep. Mark Amodei, who was characterized as the first House Republican to back President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry, tried to walk it back a little on Fox News today.

The Nevada Republican attempted to clarify to Neil Cavuto on Your World with Neil Cavuto Monday that he does not support impeachment, but he supports the oversight process.

“So the fact of the matter is, we voted along with everybody else in the House and Senate, to follow regular order to send the whistleblower thing to the two intelligence committees and then basically said ‘listen, let’s see what the committees find out,” Amodei said.

Amodei has been trying to maintain that his support for oversight of the whistleblower’s complaint does not mean he supports the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

“This is all part of a process and I’m glad you use the distinction because it’s one thing to push impeachment, it’s quite another to allow for hearings to take place or the set-up for the hearings to take place,” Cavuto noted.

Cavuto then asked if he was concerned by the contents of the whistleblower’s complaint and Trump’s partial transcript of a call with Ukraine’s president.

“I’ve read it and it’s like well–I’d like to put that in context,” Amodei said. “If it doesn’t need any context, then it’s like those things standing by themselves aren’t a great way to start. But it isn’t the whole ball game, that’s why I think we need the process here. Take a look at everything that was going on, if there was a quid pro quo, then show me how and connect those dots and then like I said–I guess unfortunately for me–then you know we’ll see where it leads and let the chips fall where they may.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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