GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert’s Voice Cracks While Screaming at Mueller: ‘You Perpetuated Injustice!’

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) launched into a rant against Robert Mueller during his hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning, during which the GOP lawmaker’s voice cracked multiple times as he screamed at the former special counsel for his investigation into President Donald Trump.

“Listen, regarding collusion or conspiracy, you didn’t find evidence of any agreement, and I’m quoting you, ‘Among the Trump campaign officials and any Russian-linked individuals to interfere with our U.S. Election.’ Correct?” Gohmert said, before asking. “So you also note in the report that an element of any of those obstructions you referenced requires a corrupt state of mind, correct?”

After Mueller replied in the affirmative to both questions, Gohmert raised his voice significantly and launched into a tirade about Mueller supposedly perpetuating “injustice” against the president:

“And if somebody knows they did not conspire with anybody from Russia to effect the election and they see the big Justice Department with people that hate that person coming after them and then a special counsel appointed who hires a dozen or more people that hate that person, and he knows he’s innocent, he’s not corruptly acting in order to see that justice is done. What he’s doing is not obstructing justice, he is pursuing justice — and the fact that you ran it out two years means you perpetuated injustice.

After Gohmert’s rant was interrupted by the gavel, the lawmaker yielded back his time, giving Mueller a chance to respond.

“I take your question,” Mueller simply stated — which prompted awkward laughs from the hearing’s audience.

Earlier in his questioning, Gohmert accused Mueller being ignorant on testimony proceedings.

“Maybe you’ve been away from the courtroom for a while. Credibility is always relevant, it’s always material and that goes for you, too, you are a witness before us,” he said, before accusing Mueller of hiring “a bunch of people that did not like the president” — including former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who Gohmert said “hated Trump.”

Watch above, via CSPAN 3.

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