GOP Rep. Mark Sanford Fires Back at Trump After ‘Nasty Guy’ Insult: He Expects ‘100 Percent Allegiance’


Just after it was reported President Donald Trump called him a “nasty guy” during a meeting with House Republicans, Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) took aim at his demands for total loyalty, suggesting they violated the principles of democracy.

“What he somehow expects is 100 percent allegiance to him, not the ideas that you ran on, or the constitutional framework of debate that was set up indeed by the founding fathers here that is so important to generating ideas better to people’s lives,” Sanford told HLN’s S.E. Cupp during an interview Thursday evening.

Sanford appeared troubled by the president’s attitude that when it comes to political matters, he owns the party and its members need to get in line. He said the called the administration “unlike any other” before.

“There is [at] times a quashing of debate, a push back against dissent, though the sign of, at times, a healthy relationship is disagreement,” he said. “This idea of saying we’re not going to have public dissent is, again, at odds with healthy relationships and it’s at odds, again, certainly with the framework our founding fathers set up.

The congressman also remarked on the disturbingly obedient behavior of some of his colleagues, explaining that while lawmakers may have their own set of personal obligations and reasons for supporting or opposing certain policies, he’s seen an excessive amount of rallying around the president.

“We do not need to be subservient to an executive branch,” he said, adding that he’s noticed “too much of that on too many occasions” under Trump.

Watch the clip above, via HLN.

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