GOP Rep. Mo Brooks on CNN Defends Trump’s Claim Media is America’s ‘Biggest Enemy’: CNN is a ‘Political Foe’


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota grilled Rep. Mo Brooks on Thursday, when the Alabama Republican refused say whether Donald Trump is right to call the media the “biggest enemy” of the country.

The interview went down from as the lawmaker practiced for the House baseball game on the anniversary of last year’s shooting, and the congressman voiced his thoughts on Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un, making clear that Iran is a serious threat to the United States. Camerota asked what he thought about the president’s latest slams against critical coverage from the press, namely his staggering claim in a tweet about North Korea that the media is America’s “biggest enemy.”

Brooks stumbled before deflecting, saying that the national news media challenges Republicans and conservatives, but Camerota kept pressing him to say whether or not CNN is an enemy to the country.

“I would call CNN, and most people in the media who have left-leaning bents, a political foe,” Brooks said. “They tend to be aligned with the Democrats versus the Republicans, so they’re a political foe. Would I call them an enemy of our country? That’s not the verbiage I would use.”

The rest of the interview went on with Camerota pressing Brooks to explain what good Trump’s attacks do when they sow division around the country. Brooks refused to say Trump was wrong to call the media the “enemy,” calling it “hyperbole” and repeatedly referring to the press with his “political foe” label.

Watch above, via CNN.

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