GOP Rep. Nunes Announces New House Bill on CNN, Takes a Swipe at Tea Party ‘Lunacy’

CNN’s Dana Bash spoke to Republican congressman Devin Nunes Tuesday afternoon. Nunes broke news about a new House bill to raise the debt ceiling and end the shutdown, attached to some changes in the Affordable Care Act. He admitted it’s not clear whether they have the votes to pass it, but remained confident in spite of the “lunacy” taking place within the GOP.

Bash brought up comments Nunes made the day before the shutdown, calling his Republican colleagues gung-ho on Obamacare “lemmings with suicide vests.” Nunes told Bash he doesn’t consider these people conservative because “to be a conservative you have to know how to count” and they can’t take on this “lunacy” because “you have to be here to actually conserve something” in the future.

Nunes did add that the bill being pushed by the House won’t likely get any Democratic votes, but expressed hope that Democrats in the Senate would support it. He said that the Democrats like the shutdown because it’s “helping them politically.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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