GOP Rep. On MSNBC: ‘Ending Federal Funding For Abortion’ Will ‘Come Back Into Play’ With Gosnell Case

As the Kermit Gosnell case — about the doctor who allegedly performed illegal, late-term abortions (cutting spinal cords of aborted babies) — gains increasing airtime, Morning Joe, too, tackled the topic on Monday. Discussing both the trial and the issue of abortion in the country, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asserted that the horrific Gosnell story will bring the argument in favor of ending federal funding for abortion back into the conversation.

Looking at polling, Joe Scarborough noted that Americans are becoming more conservative in their view of abortion. As Chuck Todd went on to wonder why the pro-life movement hasn’t allowed science and technology to win the argument for them, Blackburn agreed. “I am really thankful that the media is beginning to cover that case, because it is atrocious,” she added.

The panel further went on to note how the discussion gets obscured by politics — at which point Scarborough drew a parallel between Newtown and Gosnell to illustrate how “the extremes…go too far.” The effect this case will have, he argued, will be in terms of regulations. Echoing Bill Clinton, he stated, “safe, legal, and rare.” Todd argued in favor of a “holistic” approach in both cases.

“I think that what you’re going to see with the Gosnell case is people will focus on, yes, the regulations, but also ending federal funding of abortion — and that will come back into play,” Blackburn jumped in, getting the segment’s last word.

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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