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GOP Rep. on Trump Call Concerns: ‘If There Was a Quid Pro Quo, It Certainly Wasn’t a Very Effective One’

House Deputy Minority Whip Tom Cole this morning said on Meet the Press he doesn’t see a Ukraine quid pro quo and that Democrats are putting the country through impeachment over something that doesn’t rise to that level.

Todd pressed Cole on the multiple witnesses who have testified about the withholding of Ukraine aid and asked any of it concerns him.

“A concern’s different than rising to the level of impeachment,” Cole said. “The aid is there. And the investigations didn’t happen. So if there was a quid pro quo, it certainly wasn’t a very effective one.”

He knocked Democrats for “going willy-nilly into impeachment” and said “we’re proceeding in a partisan impeachment without a consensus in the country.”

Todd remarked op how he’s seemingly “taking the president at his word” before bringing up the variety of Republican responses to ask what people are supposed to make of the GOP’s talking points being “Well, no, this didn’t happen. Well, all right, maybe it did, but it’s not this.”

Cole said people should read the transcript and judge whether it’s worth “putting the country through an incredibly divisive experience that’s stopping everything else from happening.”

Todd asked about the implications of signaling that this kind of behavior from the president is okay. Cole said that’s a separate discussion about “Congress having routinely surrendered its powers.”

You can watch above, via NBC.

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