GOP Rep. Peddles Las Vegas Massacre Conspiracy on Tucker Carlson Tonight: ‘Potential Terrorist Infiltration’


A guest sat with Tucker Carlson tonight and spun a web of conspiracy regarding the deadly Las Vegas shooting massacre, which claimed the lives of 58 people and wounded nearly 500 more.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) started by saying he smelled “a rat” by how the investigation has been handled thus far, casting doubt that Stephen Paddock was the shooter, or at least not the only shooter.

“I smell a rat, like a lot of Americans,” he said. “Nothing is adding up. It’s been four months, as you said, the man’s dead, they said he was a lone gunman, a lone shooter, yet we can’t get the autopsy results.”

Perry continued, attempting to blame the massacre on, well, terrorists abusing the southern border.

“Recently I’ve been made aware of, what I believe to be, credible evidence, or credible information, regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border,” he said.

Carlson asked him to elaborate on his theory and Perry did so, bringing ISIS into the mix.

“Let’s face it. ISIS twice, before the attack, ISIS warned the United States that they would attack Las Vegas,” he said. “After the attack, [ISIS] claimed responsibility four times. Meanwhile, the local law enforcement investigative services are telling us there is no terrorist connection. Lone gunman. Again, something is not adding up.”

Carlson did not bat an eyelash, instead asking fellow panelist Catherine Lombardo, an attorney for many of the families of the victims, to confirm that local law enforcement was heading up the case. She responded directly to Perry and his claims of a conspiracy.

“We see no evidence of a terrorist attack,” she said. “Unless you have specific evidence to back that up, it seems a bit irresponsible to make that allegation. If you do have any evidence of that, I’m asking you right now to share it with us and tell us what that is.”

Perry’s response? “I’m not able to,” instead reiterating that “nothing adds up.”

Carlson, for his part, said he is “not taking a position on this either way.”

2018, ladies and gentlemen.

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