GOP Rep Peter King on Ted Cruz: ‘I’ll Take Cyanide If He Got the Nomination’

Peter KingOutspoken New York Republican Congressman Peter King made no bones about his dislike for fellow Republican Ted Cruz, saying on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday that he’d rather kill himself than endorse Cruz.

Host Joe Scarborough began the interview by jokingly calling King “Nassau County’s chairman for Ted Cruz for President,” a reference to the longstanding bad blood between the two lawmakers.

“First of all, in case anybody gets confused, I’m not endorsing Ted Cruz. I hate Ted Cruz, and I think I’ll take cyanide if he got the nomination,” King said to laughter.

King said that he did not support Donald Trump, but fully expected him to win New York. “In fact, I actually voted by absentee ballot for John Kasich. I’m not endorsing John, but I voted for him to really send a message. But I think Trump is going to win big.”

This is not the first time King has threatened suicide if Cruz won the nomination: he threatened to jump off a bridge a year ago. Of course, the last Republican member of Congress to compare supporting Cruz to suicide, Senator Lindsey Graham, ended up endorsing Cruz.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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