GOP Rep. Says ‘Investigate the Investigators’ in Clash With Chuck Todd on Russia Probe


House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows sparred with Chuck Todd over the investigation into President Donald Trump during a Meet the Press Daily segment today, as the conservative lawmaker called for a special counsel to look into the FBI’s probe.

When pressed by Todd to explain why he believes the investigation into Trump is biased or unethical, Meadows instead shifted to the fact that current and former members of the FBI opted to speak anonymously with reporters — an act that the congressman called a “cardinal sin.”

Meadows said the following to justify his proposed special prosecutor against the FBI’s investigation:

“I think the FBI has engaged in activities that they shouldn’t be engaged in. Let’s take the most recent New York Times report that came out over the last few days. In that report you have six reporters reporting anonymous sources. But in the actual report they talked about the fact they have interviewed agents both current and former agents, FBI, DOJ agents, for their story. Now, what agent would actually opine or give a reporter information on an ongoing investigation? It is a cardinal sin and they can’t do that.”

After the two shouted over each other for a few seconds, Todd again asked the lawmaker for examples of bias or false statements against Trump in the FBI’s investigation only to hear Meadows go back to his media argument.

“When you have FBI agents sharing with the media internal documents and internal conversations with the media on an ongoing investigation, that is not supposed to happen,” said Meadows.

Todd responded by explaining that almost all major Washington reporting in the past few decades would be deemed unethical when judged by the standard Meadows is using against the FBI.

Meadows also said, “We need to investigate the investigators.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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